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A Message from Celina Watson

Looking back over the fall as we head into winter, I’m amazed at how things can change.

It seems just a few months ago, we were starting to feel a sense of normalcy returning to the world and getting glimpses of the way things used to be, and now we are heading into the challenges of winter, with cautious optimism.

It goes without saying that the pandemic has given the world an unprecedented challenge to conquer. The same applies to Kensington Senior Living.  Our company has grown, stretched and bent in ways that never could have been foreseen. Our quaint and cozy library has become the testing center for the outside medical professionals who are testing our team members. Our concierge now sits behind plexiglass. Every single person who crosses our threshold completes a health screen and has their temperature taken.  Laptops and tablets travel the building to connect family members (and are sterilized between use, of course). Hand sanitizer dispensers are everywhere.  And masks… yes, the masks. Team members now wear a small Kensington Heart pin to show they have taken a pledge, committing to safe behavior when away from work. All these things have become the norm, as the world inside 100 Maple Avenue keeps moving forward in our commitment to love and care.

One thing that has not changed at The Kensington is our heart. Every day I see team members who love and care, through masks, for seniors who have become grandparents to them. Every day I hear laughter, through masks, in our lobby outside my door. Every day I see photos of happy Zoom calls with family. Every day I hear music strolling down the hallways on a rolling cart. Every day I see packages and flowers that family members have dropped off for loved ones. Every day I receive emails from families who simply express gratitude.  Over and over.

The winter is a time of hope. Typically, it’s hope for spring. This year not only is it about hoping for spring, but it is also about the hope of the coronavirus vaccine, and the prioritizing of our population.  While ‘being first in line’ is not a typical personality trait of mine, when it comes to the vaccine, I am willing to be at the front of the line, in the name of keeping our residents safe and healthy. The vaccine can’t come soon enough.

These last 10 months have taught us a lot about what we can endure, and a lot about what is truly important in life.  To me, and to my colleagues here at The Kensington, it’s each other- that is what’s important.  We need each other to get through the tough times, and to huddle together when snow storms come our way.  So, as we lean in together to face the winter, with hopes for good health and vaccines on our minds, I know things will get better. And, I know that nothing can take away the love and spirit that is at the heart of The Kensington.


Celina Watson