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A Winter Message from Celina Watson

No matter what we do, the seasons keep happening, don’t they? And while winter seems to be a dreaded season by most of us, I find there’s some solace in the peacefulness of new snow, of being inside and cozy, and of a soft blanket.

Reflecting on 2019 and looking ahead to 2020- I’m filled with all kinds of emotions from pride and joy to the tender emotions around the losses of dear ones passing on.

Over this past year The Kensington has seen so many changes happen, on an outward and physical level. You may have noticed the subtle yet elegant touches of our newly hired designers who have tastefully transformed foyers and centerpieces into seasonal works of art. Or perhaps you pulled into our main level garage and saw the beautifully lit trees and winter scene for those who need a place to sit while waiting for a ride.  Better yet, hopefully you gathered a few people around our now infamous super tall tree in the lobby for an annual family photo.

One of our most recent changes has finally happened in our Main Dining Room-the new tables!  The gorgeous marble top tables are lower, to accommodate wheelchairs, and have a different style pedestal underneath- again, to better accommodate wheelchairs.  We hope that you find them as beautiful and functional as we do. This change was a long time in the works, and we thank everyone for their patience along the way. Fun fact- did you know that our Main Dining Room is officially called Delfino’s? It’s named for Mayor Delfino of White Plains who was instrumental in helping establish The Kensington White Plains in our early days.

This past November, as our Harvest Celebration, we were able to distribute generously donated, and well-deserved checks to our front-line Kensington Team Members as a result of the annual Team Member Gift Fund. Each team member received three separate gifts during the celebration: one check from the Gift Fund, another bonus from The Partners of Kensington Senior Living, and a Stop and Shop gift card from Kensington White Plains, in time for Thanksgiving shopping. This one event alone truly defines The Kensington heart and spirit of family, and in so many ways is the highlight of the year, in my opinion.

At our annual Team Member Holiday party, two outstanding team members were awarded $500 and Team Member of the Year titles.  Flona Patten, Senior Lead Care Manager in Assisted Living, and Andrea Mullings, LPN – both long time Kensington team members, were surprised and humbled to receive their new Team Member of the Year awards.

On our Department Head team, I invite you all to join me in welcoming Ellen Colby to our sales team as a Director of Community Relations. Ellen comes to us with over six years of experience in Assisted Living.  Ellen’s personality and experience are a natural fit for our team, and we all support her as she steps into the large shoes of Kathy Gorup, who we recently lost in the fall.

I’m so proud of the team effort that it takes to make The Kensington the warm, vibrant, caring and loving place that it is.  We have residents who have lived amazing lives and have so much to share, living right under our roof, and we love them.  We have devoted family members who care immensely about their loved ones under our care. And somehow, we all pull together under the same vision- to love and care.

It’s humbling, and beautiful.

Sincerely- Celina Watson