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Kensington Moment cards

April’s Kensington Moment Winner Grace Morris

Kensington Moment Award winner Grace MorrisOur next Kensington moment award goes to a team member who is relatively new (hired shortly before the holidays) she has proved herself to be a true team player from the start.

During the holidays she did not hesitate to stay later and cover some overnight shifts even though it was not part of her stated availability. She does not hesitate to take on an assignment regardless of where it is and she never complains about the assignments we give her.

She has already filled in for a number of care managers who were out or otherwise indisposed and has done so with a smile. She works hard is patient and kind to the residents, provides top notch professional care to them and then moves on to the next resident.

She is soft spoken but talks with meaning and care and all the residents who meet her and deal with her come out with very positive reactions to her. No matter how busy the day or evening gets, Grace will be sporting a smile as she moves from one resident to the next and all the while giving impeccable care.

We are very proud to award one of this month’s Kensington Moment awards to Grace Morris for her excellent work and her team spirit!