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Bredesen Protocol: Strategy to Treat Those with Dementia

Tune in with The Kensington White Plains and Certified Bredesen Practioner, Kerry (Mills) Rutland, for this interactive workshop on all that you need to know about The Bredesen Protocol.

The Bredesen Protocol is a personalized approach to prevent and reverse cognitive decline through a PreCODE and ReCODE process, created by neurologist, Dr. Dale Bredesen.  It begins with a set of simple blood tests and a cognitive assessment that can be taken online, giving the ability to customize a treatment plan for better brain health.  The overall goal of the Bredesen Protocol is to remove exposure triggers that lead to cognitive decline, optimize health support, and rebuild the neural network. 

During this workshop attendees will learn:

  • What the Bredesen Protocol is and how it works
  • The side effects
  • Who is the ideal candidate?
  • Real life case studies from participants 

Meet Our Presenter:

Kerry (Mills) Rutland, MPA, NBC-HWC is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) as well as an author, lecturer, and best-practices educator serving communities and individuals for nearly two decades in navigating cognitive decline, due to dementia. Certified as a Bredesen Protocol Practitioner since 2017, she assists clients in integrating the protocol’s processes for optimum brain function. She has witnessed remarkable results in stemming the onset of decline as well as reversal of symptoms to varying degrees.  Kerry earned recognition in the field of Alzheimer’s care as a former New York Regional Manager for a pioneering group in the study of caring for people with dementia. In 2011 Kerry opened Engaging Alzheimer’s LLC expanding her reach in helping families that have loved ones with declining cognition. In 2021, Kerry opened a new practice, Age Well Simply, geared to the integration of lifestyle medicine in the prevention as well as the intervention of cognitive decline. She has appeared on PBS’ The News Hour with Paul Solman as well as CBS television with Dr. Max Gomez. Kerry’s coaching model is wide-ranging in scope, yet pivotal to the specific needs of the individual. She works with clients, families and health care organizations to develop a plan of action that will create progress and maximize individual functionality.