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Celebrating 5 YEARS of Excellence!

Resident Highlight

We are highlighting several of our residents who have lived with us five or more years:

Couple at The Kensington White Plains Assisted Living

Len & Zeace N.  Residents of The Kensington since December 2011
“We came to The Kensington three months after opening. We had no idea what to expect but we trusted our children who definitely picked the right place for us, especially when we hear about other places. They made a great choice!   We refer to The Kensington as ‘home’. Not everyone can say that. Our favorite part about living at The Kensington are the discussion groups. We like hearing what other people think and having an opportunity to express our thinking too.”   – As per Len N., Resident

“Every night when I go to dinner, I have a feeling of satisfaction that I didn’t have to plan this meal, didn’t have to shop for it, cook it or clean up from it. I’m just so glad that both of us are here together. It means the world to us. We are so grateful for all that our kids did for us because our kids did so much to make The Kensington feel like home, and it does.”  – As per Zeace N., Resident

Benjamin Weiner and Daughter

Benjamin W.  Resident and Charter Club Member since 2011

  • “Before coming to The Kensington, I didn’t really have any expectations. I knew it was beautiful, but that’s about it. I would say that we are almost 100% happy with everything. I don’t know where you find the people who work at The Kensington, but they make all the difference. Every time I’m in the elevator, people know my dad and talk to me. They all tellme how much they love my dad. We have been blessed that his sense of humor has remained intact, and that’s one of the reasons so many people love him.”   – As per Tara R, Daughter of Resident

Nancy L.  Living at The Kensington for 5 years

Charter Club member Nancy enjoys living at The Kensington and here’s why – “Everybody is nice.I love going to exercise class and jewelry making in particular. Nancy Durfy, The Kensington’s jewelry making specialist, spends extra time with me to help with the intricacies of making jewelry. Often I will bring in something special just for Nancy to use in the class. And the dining services department is great! Norm makes my favorite soup, fish head soup upon request. I was living with my daughter before I came to The Kensington. Now my daughter doesn’t have to worry about me or take care of me.”   – As Per Nancy L, Resident

“I agree with my Mom. Everyone greets me and says hello when I visit. The staff are so nice.   – As per Alice S, Daughter of Resident


Employee Spotlight

We are spotlighting a few team members who have been with our community for 5 or more years:

Linda PretiThe Kensington’s Lead Concierge

Linda has been working at The Kensington for five years and was the recipient of the 2012 Kensington Moment Team Member of the Year Award!  She has always been a perfect fit for The Kensington. Linda has a giant, permanent smile on her face greeting guests, families, residentsand team members so very warmly. It is a pleasure and a great benefit having her be the first contact for a caller or visitor entering our community. You can tell she really loves what she does by her upbeat demeanor.

When asked why she likes her job, Linda stated, “I love dealing with people and connecting with our residents including learning about them and their families especially when the residents tell me stories about their lives. That completes the picture for me.”

Nurse at The Kensington White Plains Assisted LivingHerma StewartLPN Nurse

Herma is a licensed nurse and has been working at The Kensington since June 2011. This is Herma’s response to why she loves her job, “I love my residents and feel very attached to them. I feel joy out of taking care of them and even when I feel a little down, they lift my spirits and we make each other laugh.” Herma was a 2013 Kensington Team Member of the Year Award Winner and continues to be an asset to our community.

Employee Kingsworth Brown at The Kensington White Plains

Kingsworth BrownHousekeeping Supervisor

“King”, as he is known to his colleagues, always has a smile on his face and never says no to any task asked of him. His calm and quiet demeanor puts everyone at ease as he goes about his daily work at our community. Asked why he likes working at The Kensington, this is what he said, “I am happy to come to work every day. Everything is wonderful because it’s like one big happy family and the Department Heads are fabulous.” Kingsworth has been working at The Kensington since July 2011 and he was a March 2013 Kensington Moment Award Winner.


Portrait of employee Gregory McLeod at The Kensington White PlainsGregory McLeodDining Services Utility Assistant

Gregory began working at The Kensington in August of 2011. He goes about his job with great gusto and everyone around him can feel his positive energy. As Gregory stated when asked about The Kensington, “The people at the Kensington are very nice. Over the past five years, I enjoyed meeting all the different people who live here. I love working at The Kensington because the environment is quiet and respectful.”