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fall colored leaves hanging on string

Celina’s Fall Message

And it happens again- summer evaporates into fall. While this year, it feels like a child playing with a flip switch, and we keep going back and forth between summer and fall; the distinction hasn’t been so clear. By mid-October though, summer will be but a faint memory. It’s been nice to get small sips of fall mixed in with sips of summer as the evaporating process moves with the calendar.

In the spring, we get the visual buffet of new flowers, blooms and colors. Fall is almost like a second spring, as each leaf is another new treat for our eyes, taking in vivid colors that haven’t been seen for a year. If only the colors of fall would last.

Fall is also a time to find contentment at home, as we pay attention to the people and relationships in our lives. It’s these relationships that sustain us through the harder times, through the winter months, through whatever is ahead.

Taking inventory of relationships at The Kensington, I feel the warmth of fall, the coziness of connection, and the welcome of new families and residents all around me.

There’s something special going on here, and it makes me proud to see it happening, day in and day out.

Please visit us this fall- join us for and event or outing. The doors are wide open!


-Celina Watson, Executive Director

Kensington White Plains Executive Director Celina Watson headshot.