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senior woman in the park holding a sunflower

Celina’s Summer Message

Yes!  We’ve made it to summer!  Greetings to all of you as we head into the months of bare feet in green grass, and ice-cold lemonade on hot sunny days.

Here at The Kensington, we welcome the change of seasons as we gladly leave memories of cold winters and iffy springs behind.  Fortunately, our diligent efforts to keep COVID at bay have paid off, and things are starting to look up. Yes, masks are still worn within The Kensington, but this has become such a normal part of our everyday lives, that it just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore. We have boosted and double-boosted our residents and our team members. We have continued to screen everyone coming into our building, and these things have made a difference.

It’s so nice to see some things returning to the way they used to be. Just in the last few weeks, our residents have started going on outings using our bus and getting some outdoor time on picnics, going to restaurants, and will soon be going to the movies. One group took a nice ride on a beautiful day to the waterfront in Tarrytown.  And, both residents and families are discovering our amazing garden area with the world’s largest hostas making it feel lush and green as they sit by the fountain. Soon, all will be able to experience the butterfly garden that residents are working on with our favorite horticulturist, Fred Ellman. If that doesn’t say ‘summer’, then I don’t know what does!

A few more fun things that tell me things are returning to normal are when I see Margarita Tuesdays, Casino Day, or  Lavender Spa days on the calendar. Yes, this feels good!

As a company, we are actively and aggressively working to stay ahead of the staffing shortages that seem to be affecting so many industries and bringing in lots of new Kensington team members. Our last New Hire Orientation class on June 8 had 15 new team members attending!

Lastly, we are all excited about our own Parkinson’s program, currently in development stages, that we hope to launch this year. The program will include educational presentations, speakers, and other care-oriented in-services. Keep an eye out for announcements!