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Cosmetics: The Good, The Bad, and The Toxic

Watch this expert-led, virtual workshop in collaboration with Beautycounter to learn the facts, myths, what to look for in your cosmetic products.

That new lipstick is making your pout pop but could it be causing neurological damage? And what about your foundation?  It makes you look 15 years younger but could it cause reproductive toxicity or breast cancer? Your mascara is taking those lashes to new lengths but could it cause severe irritation and interfere with your immune system? Unfortunately, the answer is possibly yes depending on the cosmetics you are using  and the ingredients they contain!

This workshop will focus on carcinogens and harmful ingredients found in popular cosmetics and personal care products and its effects on the body, plus how to read labels, sunscreen ingredient myths, what to look for in a “clean” and safer product, and much more.

Hear from experts from a safer skin-care organization, Beautycounter, and get the facts.