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Holidays Are Here – Time to Eat!

As the holidays approach we are tempted to overeat by parties, advertising, family get-togethers and sometimes even the Holiday blues. While a little extra indulgence is fine, we want to be careful not to indulge to excess.

Here are some tips that can help to prevent that holiday bulge:

  1. Be Realistic – Don’t diet until after the Holidays because starting a weight loss program during this time of year often fails. Most Americans gain 1.7 pounds over the holidays and the average yearly gain is 2.2 pounds. That means we add 75% of our annual total weight gain between Thanksgiving and New Years.
  2. Keep Drinking Water – Sweets and rushing around can cause the need for extra water, plus it fills you up helping to prevent over indulgence.
  3. Utilize Smaller Wine Glasses – Alcohol adds quick calories and studies show that the larger, wider glasses increase consumption and thereby increase calories.
  4. Eat Slowly – Eating slowly and chewing well will fill you faster and therefore eat less. Try talking between mouthfuls to slow the rate at which you eat.
  5. Beware of the Buffet – Take small portions of a few items to equal a normal plate, try not to take full portions of item and scan the entire buffet before you start pick your favorite three and stick to that.
  6. Be Selective – Know that you will consume that extra cookie or chocolate treat. Know that you can treat yourself with moderation and avoid the high calorie high fat fillers you can live without.
  7. Don’t Starve Before the Party – If you eat in moderation during the day before the event, you will tend not to binge at the party. Take the edge off the hunger with a low calorie snack or shake and then really enjoy your favorite items at the party or the buffet without losing control.