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Kensington Staff Christmas Party December 6, 2018. Photo by Alan Zale

Kensington Moment Award Winners in 2018

Congratulations to all of our Kensington Moment Awards winners in 2018! These awards are given monthly to team members who have gone above and beyond based on letters families and staff submit to our team of directors.

Announcing all of our winners…


  • Clarence Burhanan, Driver
  • Francisco De La Cruz, Maintenance


  • Dulcie Morris, Memory Care Nurse
  • Beatriz Cabrera, Housekeeping


  • Cecil Daniels, Assisted Living Care Manager
  • Eric Williams, Memory Care Supervisor


  • Grace Morris, Assisted Living Care Manager
  • Rosemica Ceus, Memory Care Activities Assistant


  • Lovelet Robinson, Memory Care Care Manager
  • Yvonne Francis, Concierge


  • Rosemine Ceus, Memory Care Lead Care Manager
  • Felyn Madkins, Assisted Living Lead Care Manager


  • Sharon Campbell, Assisted Living Care Manager
  • Shawna Thompson, Assisted Living Nurse


  • Theresa Richardson, Assisted Living Care Manager
  • Vida Essel, Assisted Living Care Manager


  • Shamaris Mercado, Memory Care Activity Assistant
  • Veronica Hansen, Assisted Living Care Manager



  • Norlene Frazer, Assisted Living Lead Care Manager
  • Rosa Salinos, Dining Room Coordinator

We also recognize two Winners of the Year, who we are proud to announce are:

Kensington Moment Winner of the Year 2018 Linda Preti

Linda Preti, Concierge

Kensington Moment Winner of the Year 2018 Efran Paris

Efran Paris, RN, Nurse Manager