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Snow during Winter on Forest

Kindness is Like Snow

“Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers”- Kahlil Gibran

When I look out and see the snow that we spend so much of the year dreading, I’m reminded of the peacefulness and beauty it brings. The big white paintbrush doesn’t discriminate as it covers our world. And then I see a quote like the one above, and I’m drawn to the comparison of snow to kindness. By spreading kindness, it’s like we are given the chance to hold the paintbrush- and beautify the world around us.

Seeing the world within the doors of 100 Maple Avenue, there is kindness everywhere. I see daughters sitting with fathers who may not be able to call them by name, yet know the feeling of love that only family brings. I see caregivers stopping to tie a shoe of a resident- when bending over for the simple task is no longer an option. I see doors being held open as visitors come in from the cold. I see spontaneous hugs when team members have returned from vacation. I see visiting pets on the laps of residents who experience the power of touch. I see kindness, and it warms my heart.

We do winter very well at The Kensington. We know how to welcome people, how to weather storms, how to spread the warmth of kindness when the harsh cold of outdoor temperatures stand in contrast. We would love for you to visit, volunteer, tour, grab a cup of coffee, or just stop in to say hi.

Come in from the snow and share some winter kindness with us.


Kensington White Plains Executive Director Celina Watson headshot.