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Closeup of orange dahlia flower in a garden.

Living Like It’s Spring

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.”- Lily Pulitzer

‘Living like it’s spring’ can mean many different things to all of us. To a child, it has to do with playing in dirt, picking dandelions, and wearing shorts. To the athlete, it’s the time when exercising goes from an indoor activity to an outdoor one. And to a senior, living like it’s spring may be as simple as dressing in bright colors, noticing flowers in a window box, or sitting out on the balcony for fresh air and blue skies.

I love how our community changes in the spring. The terraces come back to life with fresh plantings, and you see the residents enjoying time outside reading, visiting or sitting under an umbrella. Children visit with an extra bounce in their steps as they hold back the urge to run in the hallways. The grills get dusted off and fired up- and the smell of a barbecue seems to happen almost spontaneously on a regular basis.

Here in White Plains, we don’t let the forecast determine our attitude towards the seasons. We don’t have the luxury of counting on California sunshine, so we carry on and make our own. Please come visit us- drop in for a tour, come listen to a musician, or come join us for a cookout.

We love spring, and we love sharing good times with visitors, families and friends. Come see us this spring!


Kensington White Plains Executive Director Celina Watson headshot.

Celina Watson, Executive Director