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Resilience, Hope & Renewal: 12 Must-Read Books Throughout the Holiday Season

Beyond knowledge, entertainment and a great escape from the demands of the day, books have a number of benefits that can make life better, including their power to heal, inform and inspire. They can reduce stress, prepare you for a good night of sleep, and prevent cognitive decline. They can take you to places you’ve never been or sneak a peek into the lives of people you’ve never met. They can also inspire you to reach for stars that once seemed out of reach.

Join Kensington Senior Living and Jessica Strand, the Director of Public Programs at The Library Foundation of Los Angeles, as she shares 12 of her favorite books from a variety of genres, such as memoir, food, lifestyle, fiction and nonfiction. Leslie Jonath, the Founder and Principal of Connected Dots Media, will also contribute insights that she has gained throughout her thirty years of book publishing, writing and providing creative services.