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Spring is Here! A Message From Celina, Executive Director

By: Celina Watson, Executive Director

Spring!  Yes, yes, YES.

Our doors are starting to open wider. Windows are letting in fresh air. Families are dropping by, without having to schedule appointments for visits beforehand. Grandparents are going out with family to celebrate birthdays and special events.   Our bus is once again being used for social outings as we go driving around Westchester County. And soon enough, we will see new green growth in our back garden.  It’s really starting to happen.

And yes, though we are all still wearing masks at 100 Maple Avenue, everything is just starting to feel more *normal* than it has felt in a long, long time. Spring has brought a sense of hope to the world, and more importantly, to The Kensington and our residents. You can see it in their faces when family members visit and our beloved residents light up.  Just now, I had a resident whose wife was visiting stop by my office- only to make small chit chat as they were going around the building.  In the café, you can find a son and his mother sitting together talking about the goings on in the world as they look at a newspaper. In the library, the weekly Men’s Group has gathered to discuss manly things or other new topics.  And all around, it’s starting to feel like the fog of the last two years is finally lifting.

So please drop by to meet our team, see our activities in action, or give a friendly ‘toot toot’ on your horn if you see our bus around town.  Everything is coming back to life, including Mother Nature, and it’s a beautiful thing!