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Team Member Spotlight – Flona Patten

The Kensington Spotlight for the month of October needs no formal spotlight!  She shines brightly on her own. She not only lights up a room with her smile, but she also projects that smile onto the faces of our Kensington residents every day. This Kensington team member, Flona Patten, is compassionate about her job and life in general.

Flona has been working at The Kensington since February 2013 as a Care Manager, and in less than a year was promoted to Lead Care Manager.  Shortly after that, she was easily promoted to Assisted Living Senior Lead Care Manager.  Prior to joining The Kensington Team, Flona was the Quality Assurance Supervisor at a manufacturing plant for breakfast cereals and vegetarian products.

Flona loves her job and her co- workers, but when asked if she could switch jobs with anyone here, she answered Celso Cedeno, The Environmental Services Director, because she loves cleaning and organizing. If given the opportunity to be someone else for one day, Flona would want to be Maya Angelo, because of her wisdom and selflessness. It’s this writer’s honest opinion that Flona is already selfless and wise and there is no need for her to become anyone else!

Flona’s advice for new team members at The Kensington is to, “live the values of The Kensington and your job would be well done”.

Flona sees herself as a strong independent woman, who is not easily intimidated. She is not to be toyed with as she said she doesn’t tolerate mediocrity and will stand up for what is right. She believes there is a higher power and believes there are no real challenges in life because, “God will not give you more than you can bear”.  Flona is the last of four sisters and three bothers. She states, “I’m the last and I was spoiled rotten”. Flona was born in a little country area in Jamaica West Indies and was raised by, “two of the most wonderful people in the world”, who taught her to be thankful always.  And she has in her opinion, “two awesome sons”.

If you couldn’t tell by her radiant disposition, Flona’s favorite quote is –“Do what you like and like what you do.” It’s clear this is Flona’s motto in life. She always seems to enjoy what she is doing and enjoys life. Flona describes herself as empathetic, caring and jovial.

We all know Flona is a lover, not a fighter and when I asked what animal she would be if she could be any animal in the world, she chose a tiger because as Flona puts it, “I’m roaring about love”.

“They say we all have a doppelganger”, Flona tells me. People often tell her she looks like the celebrity Octavia Spencer. And I agree.

Some tidbits about Flona – I asked Flona to tell us something about herself that would surprise us. She said, “I play the guitar”. If Flona wins the lottery, she would buy a private island and would bring all her family to live on it with her. The one thing Flona cannot resist – pressing all the numbers on the elevator when she gets home late at night! Some of Flona’s hobbies outside of work include watching comedy shows and cross-stitching.  She can’t live without an air conditioner and has a fear of heights. If you happen to grab her phone to listen to some music, you will hear some good ole’ country and western.  The one meal Flona could eat for the rest of her life is fried dumplings and chicken breast.  What one food would Flona want to have zero calories? Oreo cookies!  I had to ask if she was a dunker or a twister, Flona tells me “I’m not a dunker. I twist off my Oreos and eat the part with less filling first!”  All in all, Flona is an awesome person and Kensington Team Member!