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The Kensington White Plains Moment Awards- Recognizing Zen Palanca, Licensed Practical Nurse

The Kensington White Plains developed a team recognition and rewards program called, Kensington Moment Awards. It is a way to say “thank you” and “well done” to those team members who have contributed to excellent customer service and supported Our Promise and Core Values.

For 2021, one of the Team Member of The Year Award Winners is Zen Palanca, Licensed Practical nurse (LPN).

Mary Ann Durso, Director of Nursing, wrote a wonderful message to share Zen’s accomplishments. Thank you, Zen, for your spirit to serve and your caring heart, we are so grateful to have you as a part of our Kensington Family!

Zen has been a long standing part of the nursing team for over eight years now. She has worked in AL and Connections and finally for the past three years on Haven.

Zen is not only an excellent nurse, she is a problem solver. She advocates tirelessly for the residents and does all she can to ensure good outcomes for there health. Zen combines the physical needs of the resident with the emotional as well, she enjoys the residents where they are in their dementia journey and she uses all her skill and compassion to attend to her “people” to the best of her ability every day.

Zen is a team player, she comes from a long distance each day driving over an hour to get here and is rarely late.  She stays in the bad weather so she knows she will be here for the Kensington and for her residents. She stays late to wait for nurses coming from another position. Zen covered endlessly this past year with nurses out for COVID or exposure working so many doubles that it was a miracle she could remain standing. Even with a recent health concern Zen came everyday even waiting to call an ambulance for herself until her noon time meds had been given! This is selfless dedication, this is who Zen is.

Zen fosters a sense of team and community on Haven. She engages with the residents and with their families, they trust her. Zen fosters this same community sense with the care managers she knows them, she cares about them and their needs; not only at work, but personally. Zen advocates for the team on Haven bringing concerns to nursing and to Denice.

I am happy and honored to know Zen to work with her and to have her as part of the Nursing team and the Kensington family. I am honored to nominate and congratulate Zen as Employee of the Year 2021.