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Three sunflowers in summer

More Time for Being Together in Summer

“One benefit of summer was that each day we had more sunlight to read by.” – Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

The longer days of summer seem to change everything, don’t they? Whether it’s more reading light or more time to sit outside after dinner, daylight can be a real game-changer – and a welcome one at that. When I think back to mid November and December when driving home from work was done with headlights on, it feels so far away now. Longer days really do my soul some good.

Every time I see residents wearing their sun hats, or families picnicking down in the garden, it reminds me how vital it is to take in the outdoors – to ‘air out your head’ once in a while.

Please come visit us at The Kensington. There’s so much going on inside our doors – from musicians who are professionally hired to visitors and residents who can’t resist the grand piano. Theme days bring unpredictable fun. Exercise classes in the atrium get the passersby involved. And visiting pets unearth the dog lover in residents and visitors alike. Outside our doors, you can go for a walk around the block, sit under an umbrella on the patio, or admire our hydrangeas.

In short, take in summer with us – there’s more time for being together.

With love,

Kensington White Plains Executive Director Celina Watson headshot.

Celina Watson, Executive Director