THRIVE with Parkinson’s: Open House for Family Caregivers
Learn About Our New Program for Residents with Movement Disorders
Thursday, March 7th 6pm-7pm. Click HERE & RSVP Now!
THRIVE with Parkinson’s: Open House for Family Caregivers
Learn About Our New Program for Residents with Movement Disorders
Thursday, March 7th 6pm-7pm. Click HERE & RSVP Now!
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Your Partners in Care

Resident Care, The Kensington Way

Familiarity is the cornerstone of of long-term health. We provide this consistency through all phases of our residents’ lives; offering a far wider array of services than more traditional assisted living and memory care residences, including a full spectrum of clinical support and nursing staff on-site 24/7. Our enhanced care program enables residents to continue living with us, even as their health care needs change.

Taking that focus on familiarity even further, each of our residents receives consistent attention from one individual – their personal care manager. This serves to strengthen the bond between resident and care manager, offering a level of dignity and comfort to the care experience that is often lacking.

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  • Licensed nurses on-site 24 hrs per day

  • Physician Office on-site, with regular office hours

  • On-site physical therapy, rehabilitation, and fitness center

  • Two memory care neighborhoods, Connections and Haven, designed for all stages of dementia

  • Medication and diabetes management

  • Psychological and psychiatric services

  • Specialized all-day dining services

  • Life enrichment programming, 7 days a week

Your Partners in Care

Experience The Kensington White Plains difference.

At The Kensington White Plains, we promise to love and care for your family as we do our own. We’re confident that once you experience The Kensington promise firsthand, you’ll have found your home!

We strive to help our residents maintain or regain their optimal level of independence as quickly and conveniently as possible. The Kensington White Plains offers a variety of programs including physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy and fitness programs tailored to each participant’s needs and ability.

We stand behind Our Promise

Our Values

Love for Seniors
Respect for Each Other
Passion for Excellence
Spirit to Serve


To love and care for your family as we do our own.


Fostering Choice
Encouraging Independence
Protecting Dignity
Engaging Family and Friends
Enriching Each Day

Commonly asked assisted living questions

We understand that the move to assisted living raises many questions for your entire family. At The Kensington White Plains, we’re here to help you navigate this new stage of life.

The answers to these commonly asked questions are a starting point. If you have further questions, please reach out to us and share your thoughts, questions, and needs: (914) 215-7824.

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What is assisted living?

In an assisted living community, seniors will have access to around-the-clock care, dining services, life enrichment activities, socialization, and on-site physical, speech, and occupational therapy.

Assisted Living is a good option for individuals who can no longer safely live in their own home and who require assistance. In addition to feeling overwhelmed by home upkeep, they may no longer be able to complete daily tasks without assistance, such as paying bills, making appointments, making meals, managing their hygiene and medications, or driving. They crave social interaction and need assistance to continue thriving, while also managing their ongoing personal care needs.

How do I know if assisted living is the right option?

Seniors who are ready for assisted living are those who are somewhat independent but can not live on their own safely. These seniors often have health issues, meaning they need medical care and access to an on-site nurse.

If the areas listed below are consistently presenting issues for your senior loved one, it might be time to assess whether assisted living care is best for your loved one.

  • Meal Preparation – Can they cook for themselves? Are they eating balanced meals?
  • Safety and Mobility – Have there been falls? Can they safely navigate their home?
  • Transportation – Are they safe behind the wheel, or do they have some other mode of transportation?
  • Socialization – Are they maintaining a social network? Are they leaving the house?
  • Home Management – Is the interior and exterior of the home being maintained?
  • Financial Management – Are bills being paid on time? Are there stacks of unopened mail?
What are Connections and Haven?

The Connections Neighborhood

Connections is designed for residents who are experiencing early-to-middle stages of Alzheimer’s and provides an intimate and comfortable environment. As such, the neighborhood cares for those who are showing increasing signs of memory loss.

In Connections, we strive to help residents to engage with interactions and socialization every day independently. Our daily programming guides them to find purpose and meaning every day. We stay attuned to our residents’ maximum cognitive abilities and recall to make the most of their strengths, supporting them and their families.

The Haven Neighborhood

Designed for those residents showing more advanced signs of memory loss, Haven provides peace and security for those with middle-to-late stages of Alzheimer’s.

Since these individuals require more assistance and a higher level of care, we strive to create a safe and soothing space with minimal agitation and an abundance of compassion.

What makes The Kensington White Plains different?

At The Kensington White Plains, we specialize in providing progressive memory care and enhanced assisted living services, offering the opportunity for true aging in place with a full spectrum of care. We’re a community, putting family first and treating your loved one as if they were part of our own family. It’s helped us earn a reputation for ongoing staff loyalty as well. We understand that managing dementia can be a difficult challenge. Our hope is that we can lift the burden of care management to provide a safe, enriching, and peaceful home for your loved one. With our trusted care, you can focus on the many beautiful shared moments that are still ahead for you and your loved one.