Everything You Need to Know About Assisted Living

The ultimate guide to assisted living and finding exceptional care for your loved one

The search for senior care is a journey filled with questions. With so much information to digest, it can be overwhelming. 

The Kensington White Plains is committed to being your partner in care. Our Promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own. With this promise, we vow each resident’s individuality and dignity by providing loving support and daily care with an unmatched level of expertise. 

What’s Inside?

  • Clarifying Senior Living Definitions: what is considered senior living, the differences between levels of care in independent and assisted living, and how to choose the right option
  • Staying at Home Versus Living Assisted Living: everything you need to know on in-home care, what assisted living has to offer, and a check-list questions to ask during the search for a community
  • How to Pay for Assisted Living: every payment option for senior living explained and where to seek assistance

We hope this comprehensive eBook guide provides you with not only some of the answers you need, but also alleviates any worries or concerns. 

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The move to senior living isn’t always easy, but at The Kensington White Plains, we’re here to help. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for more questions on assisted living, senior care, and any questions you may have.