Celina Watson Photo

Celina Watson

Executive Director

I LEAD with vision, insight and warmth. As a registered nurse for more than 30 years, I instinctively know what needs to be done and how to get there… efficiently, with a high level of accountability and with respect, especially for seniors. I am passionate about my team and the services we deliver. I will see to it that The Kensington experience is all that residents and their families want it to be…and more.

  • Registered Nurse
  • Mentor
  • Relationship Builder
Jeanne Rosenberg Photo

Jeanne Rosenberg

Director of Community Relations

I CARE…deeply. I am sensitive, compassionate and intuitive. And I love being around and working among seniors. They have so much life experience to share, and I tend to soak it all in. I truly listen. Trust and rapport develop quickly as a result. My warmth, understanding and genuine interest enable us to make sound choices and then move forward…together.

  • Counselor
  • Listener
  • Empathic Problem Solver
Eileen Clayton Photo

Eileen Clayton

Director of Community Relations

I PROMOTE Enhanced Senior Living. I bring a diverse and extensive background from different senior living settings, and it’s in looking through this lens of experience that I can see the difference in The Kensington’s Care Model. I believe in our Promise, the Kensington Care Model, and proudly witness them in action daily. The exceptional quality of care inspires me to promote, to help, and to connect with others about The Kensington. I love this population, and I love being able to offer solutions. The quality of care sets us apart, I know this.

  • Seasoned Professional
  • Committed Helper
  • Solution Finder
Brenda Moynihan Photo

Brenda Moynihan

Director of Marketing & Outreach

I BUILD relationships that last for a very long time. I am a natural communicator and cultivate trust easily because my heartfelt regard for the best interests of others is readily apparent. I have a strong interest in the well-being of seniors, and am fortunate to have the chance every day to creatively develop new partnerships and affiliations that enhance the quality of their lives.

  • Trust Developer
  • Outside-the-Box Thinker
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
Cosme Navarro Photo

Cosme Navarro

Director of Assisted Living

I NURTURE both our residents and our team. I recognize the importance of building close bonds between our residents and all of us who care for them. I realize the honor it is to serve and look after all the extraordinary individuals who reside here and the need for their families to feel inspired and comforted by how we tend to their loved ones. Having lived and worked on three different continents, I am grateful for the opportunity to use the knowledge I have acquired daily here in our community.

  • Listener
  • Relationship Builder
  • Thoughtful Leadership
Joanne Rodda-Hubbard Photo

Joanne Rodda-Hubbard

Director of Memory Care

I SOOTHE residents by finding creative ways to preserve their dignity and sustain their independence as they face challenges from dementia. My Grandma Delia, who was my best friend and mentor, struggled with progressive vascular dementia. She inspired me to persevere in developing lifestyle solutions for seniors experiencing the effects of memory loss. Music is one of my favorite ways to bring residents joy, comfort and pleasure.

  • Music Therapist
  • Behavior Interventionist
  • Creative Leader
MaryAnn Durso, RN Photo

MaryAnn Durso, RN

Director of Nursing Services

I NOURISH the whole resident—as in mind, body and spirit. As a nurse, I bring high-level clinical professionalism and organizational expertise to The Kensington. Beyond medicine, I go the extra mile to indulge moments that make residents smile and feel loved. I can listen or tell stories. I can be energetic or contemplative. I can handle the good and the bad, without judgment. I believe the time of day is always within reach, so I give it away every chance I get.

  • Nurse
  • Storyteller
  • Kindness Spreader
Susie Sarkisian Photo

Susie Sarkisian

Director of Family Services

I RELATE firsthand to the care challenges of seniors and their families. I helped my Mom care for my Dad, who had Lewy Body Dementia. I learned to strike a balance between heartache and joy as we coped together. I share those lessons openly with residents and families to pave the way for meaningful communication. Because I am energetic, upbeat and funny, I bring a lightness of spirit to each exchange. I listen with my ears and my heart, gladly.

  • Empathizer
  • Life Coach
  • Heartfelt Supporter
Norm Fintz Photo

Norm Fintz

Executive Chef

I CATER with enthusiasm to the tastes of the seniors I serve. I bring a lifetime of culinary knowledge and expertise in fine dining and catering to The Kensington table. I hand select staff who cook from the heart, like I do. And I love seniors. I insist upon listening to what they want, preparing meals that delight and aspiring toward only the highest standards of quality

  • Culinary Artist
  • Palate Pleaser
  • Gourmet
Celso Cedeno Photo

Celso Cedeno

Director of Environmental Services

I PRESERVE the beauty and working order of The Kensington. I understand the importance of keeping our community comfortable, attractive and efficient. I pay close attention to the details of our environment and do whatever must be done to maintain excellence. I feel privileged to share my resourcefulness, ability to stay calm and strong work ethic to help care for extraordinary people, whether resident, family or colleague.

  • Caretaker
  • Inspirer of Confidence
  • Doer
Peggy Chacon Photo

Peggy Chacon

Business Manager

I APPRECIATE all things positive—attitude, morale and numbers. I contribute skills from a long history of finance and accounting to help keep the business of The Kensington orderly. I infuse every day with my personal formula for success: accuracy plus good energy plus caring for others. I believe in the mission of The Kensington. That’s why I keep my finger on the pulse of our business so residents can get on with the business of living, worry-free.

  • Financial Wiz
  • Bright Spirit
  • Champion of Good Energy
Curry The Cat Photo

Curry The Cat

The Kensington's Best Friend

I COMFORT the residents and anyone who pays attention to me. Smiles of happiness emanate from those who stroke my sleek fur. I am an all-natural stress reducer and morale booster for those who seek my companionship. Cuddle me and I will soothe the weary soul.

  • Intuitive Being
  • Mischievous Playmate
  • Soothing Kitty