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Aging in Place is Made Possible at The Kensington

In a traditional sense, “aging in place” refers to living where you have lived for many years, utilizing resources, products and services that allow you to remain in the home. Aging in place has many benefits to seniors since it enables them to maintain their independence and prevent a move to a nursing home or health care environment. Being able to stay in the home is not a realistic option for everyone. A loved one who needs increased assistance with their activities of daily living (ADL’s) or are experiencing progressive dementia will for instance, no longer be safe at home.

The Kensington has made it possible to age in place at our community. We are not like a traditional nursing home; we are an enhanced assisted living community. We promise to love and care for your family as if they were our own, and in a sense, they are. We tell our residents and their families to look at this phase in life like a new chapter. Although there is a move involved, once it has been made, most resources that your loved one will need will be available within our community.

To age in place is a wonderful opportunity for today’s seniors. They thrive in an environment of familiarity, consistency and productivity. Knowing they won’t have to move from the home they have grown to love relieves much anxiety for the individual and their family. Having peace of mind that all needs are taken care of from this point forward is invaluable. We find that our families finally have reconciliation when they know that their loved one is safe and is receiving high-quality, personalized care.

There are additional benefits to choosing an assisted living community for “aging in place.” In fact, many homes are found to be impractical over time, such as those that have basements, lots of stairs or yard maintenance. Although many seniors believe that they will want to continue living in their homes, the practicality is often overshadowed by everyday tasks. Seniors living alone need help with cleaning, preparing meals, doing yard work, taking medication and the activities of daily living, as well as safeguarding the home.

At The Kensington, residents are unencumbered by former burdens, allowing them to be safe and free to enjoy the amenities of the community, no matter how their healthcare needs change. As more baby boomers enter the senior years and find that their homes are no longer suitable, they will find comfort and stability “aging in place” at an enhanced assisted living community like The Kensington.