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The Kensington Summer Concert Series
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care cure prevent

The Kensington White Plains Presents “Care. Cure. Prevent.” With HFC

The Kensington White Plains is thrilled to present “Care. Cure. Prevent.,” an insightful virtual panel focusing on the multifaceted aspects of Alzheimer’s disease, spanning from pioneering therapies to proactive prevention measures. 

We invite you to register for this event of empathy and optimism in combating Alzheimer’s on Nov. 15, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST. 

At the forefront of this enlightening event is Lauren Miller Rogen, who, alongside her husband Seth Rogen, established Hilarity for Charity (HFC) and became a passionate advocate, driven by her mother’s own struggle with Alzheimer’s. 

“I always look forward to Care. Cure. Prevent. Each year, we hear from incredible experts, answering questions directly from the community about dementia treatment, prevention, and care. I always learn something new and am honored to bring these important discussions to our shared community at HFC, Kensington Senior Living, and beyond,” Lauren said.This joint initiative, boasting contributions from esteemed entities like Cedars Sinai, UCLA, USC, Stanford, and the Ray Dolby Brain Health Center offers a potentially life-changing encounter, illuminating an illness that impacts countless individuals globally.

Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

Meet Lauren Miller Rogen and HFC: moderator of our expert planel

Lauren Miller Rogen is the driving force behind HFC, an initiative born from a personal struggle and a passion for creating change. 

The world as Lauren knew it shifted when her mother faced an early-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis at merely 55, thrusting her into an unexpected position: that of a crusader and innovator.

Alongside her dedicated husband, actor, and comedian Seth Rogen, Lauren established HFC, infusing Alzheimer’s advocacy with a distinctive flavor. Using comedy’s universal appeal, they’ve reached a younger audience, generating funds and consciousness in a way that’s both accessible and resonant. 

Their celebrity-filled events and captivating programs have shattered the quiet around Alzheimer’s, infusing humor and brightness into areas typically overshadowed by apprehension and uncertainty.

But HFC’s mission goes beyond mere amusement— it’s a journey towards substantive transformation. 

From its beginnings, the movement has garnered millions for Alzheimer’s support, study, and prevention, allocating grants for domestic care and advancing research frontiers. 

With Lauren’s fervent guidance, HFC stands as a lighthouse for those touched by Alzheimer’s, epitomizing the influence of educated decisions and collective backing.

“Care. Cure. Prevent.” event overview

Prepare for a transformative expedition into the realms of Alzheimer’s research and advocacy through “Care. Cure. Prevent.” 

More than just an informative session, this is a vibrant gathering where your voice is essential. 

Here’s what to expect: 

  • Date & time: Set for Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2023, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST.
  • How to join: Register for the Zoom link.
  • Real-time Q&A segment: Your beforehand submitted inquiries will guide the discourse, guaranteeing coverage of the subjects participants are keenest on.
  • Enlightening progress: Discover the latest leaps in Alzheimer’s identification and management, encompassing the effects of novel pharmaceuticals and continuous inquiries.
  • Traversing Alzheimer’s: Obtain pragmatic guidance on grappling with a diagnosis, deciphering the subsequent path, and upholding a fulfilling existence for those implicated and their caregivers.

Hosted online, this global event invites participants from all corners to sign up and immerse themselves in critical conversations steered by pioneers in Alzheimer’s treatment, research, and prevention.

Your engagement is crucial, as this isn’t a monologue but a dialogue. 

Registration provides the opportunity to submit your questions to be potentially discussed during the live discussion.

Attendees can look forward to a dynamic discussion with our expert panel: 

The personal and collective journey through Alzheimer’s disease

Imagine you’re in your living room, surrounded by photos of smiling faces and landscapes that seem vaguely familiar, but their details are slippery, just out of mental reach. 

You see people around you, offering warm smiles and assistance, but their names sometimes escape your lips, floating just beyond your grasp. 

Daily routines become puzzling as familiar tasks, like making a cup of tea or dialing a phone number, turn into complex challenges. Conversations drift, with threads of thought disappearing faster than you can catch them. 

These are the signs and symptoms of someone living with Alzheimer’s, a reality where the mind’s once-clear pathways are now overgrown mazes, and each step forward requires rediscovering the world around them.

Yet, within these trials, hope perseveres. The landscape of Alzheimer’s research is one of vibrant evolution, offering a beacon for those navigating these murky waters. 

In anticipation of the “Care. Cure. Prevent.” event, the following are several cutting-edge advances that attendees will explore further:

  • Donanemab: Undergoing research by Eli Lilly, Donanemab targets a modified form of beta-amyloid called N3pG, aiming to halt cognitive decline.
  • Leqembi: Lecanemab, a groundbreaking intravenous infusion therapy, offers new hope in the battle against Alzheimer’s disease, working to clear the brain of beta-amyloid plaques, a hallmark of the condition, following its highly-anticipated approval.
  • Expanded Aduhelm use: Despite debates around its effectiveness, Aduhelm’s approval by the FDA pioneered a shift in Alzheimer’s treatment, focusing on the disease’s progression rather than merely managing symptoms.
  • Blood Biomarkers: Innovations in diagnostics now mean potential early Alzheimer’s detection through blood tests identifying specific biomarkers, an advancement that could revolutionize care through early interventions.
  • Holistic lifestyle adjustments: Ongoing research underscores the potential impact of comprehensive lifestyle modifications — including diet enhancement, regular physical exercise, and cognitive exercises — in decelerating cognitive deterioration in at-risk individuals.
  • Anti-Amyloid and Tau strategies: The therapeutic pipeline buzzes with drugs targeting amyloid and tau accumulations in the brain, a development that could significantly impede Alzheimer’s progression by attacking its suspected biological culprits.

The Kensington White Plains: your partner in Alzheimer’s care

The Kensington White Plains is a cornerstone of all-encompassing care, excelling in assisted living and memory care, with deep-rooted knowledge in managing Alzheimer’s, dementia, and conditions such as Parkinson’s

Our community is devoted to life enrichment and profound, compassionate care for our residents. 

If the complexities of caregiving exceed your abilities, know that The Kensington White Plains extends Our Promise to love and care for your family as we do our own.

Broaden your insights on brain health and preventive measures by joining the upcoming “Care. Cure. Prevent.” event.

RSVP for “Care. Cure. Prevent” now to guarantee your participation in this illuminating session. For an in-depth discussion about tailored care solutions and how The Kensington can integrate into your family’s journey, reach out to us directly.

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