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Kensington assisted living Residents Dance during silent disco with eversound

Eversound at The Kensington

We are excited to share our Eversound experience which we introduced to our community on August 1, 2017.


Eversound is promoted as:

“THE revolutionary hearing system for seniors.”

We had to see for ourselves. We identified a few residents with hearing deficits. We invited them to our silent dance party and explained what we were going to do with little response. We applied the head phones and explained again and this time all residents were excited and eager to start. We set the mic to the tablet and played music. Everyone began dancing in their seats, moving their arms and enjoying the Silent Dance Party! Anyone joining the party without head phones could not hear the music. Interestingly, they felt a bit left out as they watched all of this excitement! This is how our residents with hearing deficits often feel…disconnected. When we presented our successful Silent Dance Party to the family members, they couldn’t wait to sign up their family member. Anyone could see this system transformed the engagement of those with hearing challenges! It’s fantastic!

Since implementation, we have witnessed an increase in activity participation with the head phones on vs. no head phones. The headphones has helped some of our residents with compromised attention span to stay focused and participating in activities longer. Everyone is talking about the beneficial impact Eversound has on our residents.

Why is Eversound so successful? The headphones work in two ways. They decrease the room noise and allow the residents to hear the sound source; the activity assistant or presenter, as if they we were right next to them. Residents that typically walk in and out of an activity due to restlessness stay engaged and attentive. Residents that might typically doze during a program because they couldn’t hear are more awake and participating. Residents that partake occasionally have been participating more! We are very excited about this program!