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LGBTQ+ Caregiver Journeys, In Partnership with AlzAuthors
Wednesday, May 22nd 6pm-7pm EDT. Click HERE to Register!
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The Importance of Ongoing Training Throughout Your Healthcare Career

Obtaining a certificate or degree in healthcare is the first step in becoming a healthcare professional. But training and additional education shouldn’t stop once that’s received. 

To provide high-quality care, a healthcare professional and care provider must keep up with the continuously evolving healthcare industry. 

Each day, new techniques, technologies, and advancements are made, meaning the only way to maintain the necessary skills is to continue expanding your knowledge.

Staying up to date on the latest practices will help you land the job of your dreams and help others live healthier and happier. 

Learn more about the benefits of short-term healthcare training certificate programs, healthcare positions offered in senior living communities, and why you should continue your career at The Kensington White Plains.

The benefits of a short-term healthcare training certificate program

The demand for jobs in healthcare is rising, meaning more medical professionals are needed to keep up with the growing needs of the medical industry. 

While some programs require years of schooling, many can take as little as 4-6 months. 

Suppose you’re interested in medication, phlebotomy, diet and nutrition, therapy, or senior living activities. In that case, formal education, meaning a 4-year degree, isn’t necessary. 

Short-term certificates can prepare you for necessary examinations and licenses that allow you to pursue a career path in healthcare. 

These certifications work because they focus strictly on the skills you need to know to do your job effectively and provide excellent care. They provide hands-on training in a number of specialized fields.

Employers prefer that applicants have this experience in the healthcare field, even if this is the first job they’re applying for. After certification, you’ll be knowledgeable in the medical field, have an advantage in the workplace, and get a higher salary. 

Some of the best short-term programs include:

  • Home health aide 
  • Medical records specialists
  • Occupational therapy aide 
  • Physical therapy aide
  • Certified Nurses Aide
  • Training in Positive Approach To Care for people with Dementia 

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of programs and certificates that you can earn quickly, they’re some of the most popular and beneficial programs—especially if you’re interested in working in a senior living community.

These certificates will allow you to find work in assisted living and memory care communities, nursing homes, hospitals, and physician’s offices. 

Continuing healthcare education after certification

The more you learn, the more qualified you will be to work in the medical field, and the better your chances of being hired. 

Healthcare providers prefer to hire those who will continue their education because they know that an educated staff is the best way to provide safe, effective, and high-quality care. 

With the internet, e-learning, zoom, and technology, it’s become easier for healthcare professionals to receive additional training. 

When people’s health and quality of life are at risk, it only makes sense that healthcare providers should stay current on the newest breakthroughs, latest developments, and care techniques.

Continued education at The Kensington

The Kensington White Plains takes pride in our highly educated staff and ensures they have the proper training to care for our residents and help us maintain a safe living environment.

Our team members go above and beyond required yearly training. From the managers to the executive director, we far exceed simply the required hours of continued training for our staff. 

Our team is required to complete at least 12 hours of paid training every year, so that we can offer high-acuity care to our residents and provide caregivers with the best resources. 

New team members are required to take 40 hours of new staff training and our existing staff has the opportunity to take part in community-based training courses that often add up to 20-30 hours of training. 

We also don’t stop at just formal training sessions—learning takes place every day at The Kensington through staff interactions and hands-on experience. 

What healthcare positions are offered in senior living?

There are various healthcare positions in senior living communities for those interested in working with older adults. 


Assisted living and memory care communities need highly trained and compassionate registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

These healthcare providers are necessary at The Kensington White Plains as on-site nurses offer our residents around-the-clock care and administer medications and injections. 

Activities coordinators

Life-enrichment coordinators and activities assistants are essential to senior living residents’ physical and mental health. Together, they will plan daily activities to help seniors socialize, get moving, and enjoy their days. 

If you love people and have talents in music, art, crafts, horticulture, community service, sports, yoga, mindfulness, or intellectual leisure interests, you will find a home at The Kensington. Our life enrichment program is dynamic, person-centered, and rewarding. 

Cooks and dining room servers 

Chefs with an education in nutrition or dietetics are needed in senior living communities to offer delicious and healthy meals to residents daily. 

Certified Nurse Assistants

Care partners (CNAs)or HHA’s are needed to help seniors with daily living activities and provide them with the assistance and support they need to maintain a high quality of life. 

But our care partners provide more than just basic care, they provide friendship and love. They become an extension of the resident’s family.

Therapists and aides

Physical, occupational, and speech therapists are found in senior living communities that offer on-site rehabilitation services. 

Most older adults will need therapy and specialized care to maintain or improve their quality of life. For example, seniors with memory diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia will eventually need speech therapists to help them overcome swallowing troubles.

Apply to The Kensington White Plains and join a community where team members and residents feel like family

If you’re interested in expanding  your career at an enhanced senior living community, The Kensington White Plains may be the perfect place for you. 

Our Promise is to love and care for our residents as we would our own. 

The hallmarks of service our team and communities hold and maintain include: 

  • Fostering choices
  • Encouraging independence
  • Protecting dignity 
  • Engaging family and friends 
  • Enriching each day 

If you have a love for seniors and a spirit to serve, contact us to learn more about our communities and services.

Our blog and Instagram will give you an idea of the type of care and support we offer our residents, the amenities found in our communities, and the events we hold.

When you are ready to grow personally and professionally, reach out to us, and apply for the rewarding career that you deserve. 

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