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The Kensington Summer Concert Series
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Parkinson’s and Seniors: How to Best Support Their Emotional Well-Being

Unique challenges are presented when it comes to Parkinson’s and seniors. It can be especially hard, as a loved one, to watch them go through it. 

Whether your parent, spouse, or sibling, recognizing the emotional needs of your loved one with Parkinson’s is just as vital as their physical needs. 

This article focuses on the critical role of assisted living communities like The Kensington White Plains, in supporting the emotional health of seniors with Parkinson’s and how you can be there for your senior loved one. 

Learn how assisted living communities are equipped to offer comprehensive care that addresses both the mental and emotional needs of residents with Parkinson’s, and ensures a dignified and enriched living experience.

Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

What are the emotional challenges seniors with Parkinson’s face?

Have you observed a change in how a loved one goes about their daily routine? 

Consider a scenario where a father, who used to be an early riser and enjoyed starting his day outdoors, now shows reluctance at the doorway. 

This behavior is not solely due to the physical symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

It also represents an internal struggle, a resilient response to growing uncertainty, and the emotional challenges that accompany Parkinson’s—challenges that are widespread yet not immediately apparent. 

It’s important to recognize these subtle yet significant shifts as part of the comprehensive care and understanding of individuals living with this condition.

Consider these common struggles for someone living with Parkinson’s disease:

  • Social gatherings: Often avoided due to concerns over noticeable symptoms
  • Dining out: Skipped because of difficulties with tremors while eating and potential embarrassment
  • Physical activities or hobbies: Given up due to balance and coordination changes
  • Traveling: Brings up fears of symptom unpredictability and routine disruptions.
  • Shopping: Avoided because of challenges with dexterity, like handling money.
  • Group discussions: Withdrawn from due to speech difficulties or slower processing.
  • Driving: Avoided for safety concerns stemming from slower reactions.
  • Theater or movies: Skipped over worries of needing a quick exit amidst mobility issues.
  • Certain clothing: Not worn due to struggles with buttons or zippers.
  • Professional engagements: Avoided because of cognitive struggles or physical symptom concerns.

These situations and more may have been regular occurrences in your loved one’s life before their diagnosis. They’ll need the support of their loved ones now, more than ever, to adjust to their new way of life. 

How assisted living communities benefit seniors with Parkinson’s

Watching a loved one retreat from activities they once enjoyed due to Parkinson’s can be heart-wrenching. 

However, there’s a reassuring solution: transitioning to an assisted living community designed to their needs. 

These communities, such as The Kensington White Plains, are sanctuaries where loved ones can rediscover confidence and community while managing their condition.

The Kensington White Plains’ THRIVE program offers a therapeutic and holistic approach, emphasizing physical health and emotional support. Activities are tailored to improve posture, balance, strength, and mobility, vital for seniors with Parkinson’s.

Join us Wednesday, December 13th, 6-7pm at The Kensington, for our THRIVE with Parkinson’s Open House, an informational session about Parkinson’s and how exercise can enhance the quality of life and help maintain functional independence. We will have two mini-wellness sessions focusing on speech and voice, plus functional exercise and physical therapy.

Therapeutic, Holistic, Revitalizing, Inspiring Independence, Vocally Vibrant, and Empowering. That’s what THRIVE stands for, and what our program is centered on.

Social Interaction and engagement 

Through various activities like THRIVE Dance, Music Therapy & Movement, and group wellness classes, residents enjoy rich social interactions, essential for emotional health. 

The community setting fosters connections and camaraderie, reducing feelings of isolation.

Access to healthcare professionals

Residents benefit from an on-site team, including a medical technician for timely medication delivery and certified professionals for physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs. 

Comprehensive medical support is significant for managing Parkinson’s symptoms.

Safety and security 

An Enhanced Assisted Living License (EALR license) ensures all residents, even those with complex medical needs, receive appropriate care to “age in place” without needing to relocate, providing peace of mind for families.

The Kensington White Plains proudly maintains an EALR license to offer a supportive community that stands out from the rest. 

Sense of community

We emphasize Our Promise to love and care for your family as we do our own, The Kensington White Plains creates a nurturing environment, filled with socialization and vibrancy. 

Regular educational events and resources for residents and families further this community spirit and remind everyone that we’re all in this together.

Specialized programs 

Unique offerings, such as the Vocally Vibrant Gym and mindfulness sessions, cater to the specific challenges individuals face with Parkinson’s. 

These programs, along with specialized equipment like the Alinker walking bike, empower residents to maintain independence and quality of life.

Comprehensive care approach

Beyond traditional support, the ability to manage high acuity care for various conditions, including Parkinson’s, sets The Kensington White Plains apart. 

This approach ensures that as residents’ needs evolve, the level of care they receive remains consistent, avoiding disruptive moves.

Emotional support services in assisted living

Assisted living and memory care communities prioritize emotional well-being, and understand the impact on overall health, especially for seniors with Parkinson’s. 

At The Kensington White Plains, this principle is deeply embedded in our Parkinson’s care and services.

  • On-site counseling or therapy: Residents have direct access to therapeutic services, crucial for navigating life changes or health challenges.
  • Support groups: Regular support groups and discussions provide a space for care to share experiences, offering mutual empathy and understanding.
  • Socialization activities: Daily resident events encourage community engagement, prevent loneliness, and foster friendships.
  • Personalized care plans: Each resident receives an individualized care plan, ensuring their emotional, physical, and mental health needs are comprehensively addressed.

We know Parkinson’s and seniors: comprehensive care at The Kensington White Plains

Choosing the right assisted living community for a loved one with Parkinson’s involves thorough consideration.

Assess their emotional needs and explore services offered, including specialized Parkinson’s care. 

Tour communities to sense the environment and evaluate staff qualifications—experience and empathy are key. Most importantly, involve your senior loved one in the decision; their comfort and confidence are paramount.

The Kensington White Plains stands as a testament to quality and personalized care. From our care plans to the community we cultivate, we make sure to nurture the emotional well-being of our residents, especially those battling Parkinson’s. 

We fulfill Our Promise with a dedicated team that ensures an enriching daily life, exquisite dining experiences, and specialized memory care. Our frequent events and educational blogs keep families informed and involved.

Navigate your options with confidence. Consider the holistic benefits The Kensington White Plains offers. 

For questions on care, and support, or to learn more about our unparalleled services in White Plains for Parkinson’s and seniors, reach out to us today. 

We’re standing by and ready to help you.

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