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Creating a Healthy Mind

Creating a healthy body and mind, a phrase we often hear in relation to a healthy life. We spend time creating a healthy body but what do we do to create a balance? What can we do to create a healthy mind? I have five tips which should help to balance body and mind . . .

  1. A healthy mind is improved by a healthy diet. A 2012 MNT study shows that one of the healthiest diets we can eat is a Mediterranean diet. This diet is typically low in saturated fats, red meat and sugars and concentrates on fruits, nuts, beans, fish and some poultry and dairy.
  2. Regular exercise, 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly, releases endorphins and creates positive emotions, decreasing the likelihood of depression.
  3. Get enough sleep. A 2010 study shows that less than five hours of sleep each night can be detrimental to your mental health. Going to bed at the same time and rising at the same time each day is encouraged as this creates a routine for the body and helps to regulate our wake and sleep cycles. Studies also show that a cool, quiet,dark room are best to promote good sleep. Be mindful that if you wake at night regularly to use the bathroom a night light for safety should not be discontinued.
  4. Manage Stress, easier said than done. One way is to try and smile during a stressful situation, smiling lowers the bodies stress response, creating a feeling of calm. Yoga, in a 2008 Plos One study, shows that relaxation techniques employed actually lower stress and reduce anxiety and depression.
  5. Hobbies and Volunteering assist in creating a spirit of social responsibility and connection to others,promoting the social good promotes a sense of purpose and of mental well being.

Utilizing these strategies will assist an individual in maintaining and enhancing their mental well being. We are all a combination of physical, mental and spiritual well being, so enhance your mind and be well!