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We promise to love and care for your family as we do our own.

We are proud to share the feedback from several of our Kensington families and residents.

“My family is finally able to rest easy knowing that my mom is getting the best quality of care at the Kennsington. The staff there really do treat my mom as if she were a member of their own family. I am deeply grateful for all the staff at the Kennsington for all they do.”

– Ellen, LCSW-R

“So much of the world is unpredictable these days and the physical health and mental challenges of advanced age make it all the more complicated and uncontrollable. The experience of having both parents live at the Kensington has been reassuring and comforting despite these challenges and these times. My family knows that mom is well attended to with the extra care she needs and that dad is given the opportunity to age into his evolving circumstances with dignity and every degree of independence he craves. It continues to be a blessing that The Kensington’s mission is to care for our parents like they would their own.”

– J. Freyer, Son of Two Residents

“We just wanted to send out our thanks and appreciation for all that you have done for our husband and dad. Even during this difficult and scary time with Covid, you have managed to keep spirits up, keep residents safe and entertained and families up to date on everything happening at the Kensington. Our loved one has been here for four and a half years and you have always taken such good and kind care of him.”

– S. Katz, Daughter of Resident

Nothing compares to the Kensington.  The people who took great care of my Parents and gave me piece of mind knowing that my parents were being watched over by your caring staff. I never felt that way anywhere else. As you know, my Mother loved living at the Kensington. I think it probably was one of the best times in her life. From the library to the arts and crafts shows I think there was nothing she was prouder of and nothing she would have rather been doing. Even after my Mother’s passing my Dad still went to the movies and sat out on the terrace to get some sun. I attribute that to what a warm and comfortable place the Kensington was, and I’m sure continues to be.” 

– Ellen M., Daughter of Two Residents

“I just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Healthy New Year and to thank you again for all you have done for Grace and my entire family… Thank you all for the professionalism and kindness you showed Grace and our family throughout the three years Grace spent at The K.  It’s never an easy decision to place a family member in a “home”.  In our case I think it was the best decision we ever made for Grace in placing her with all of you at The K. My best to all of you and your families in the coming year.  Thank you again.”

– Melissa M., Daughter of Resident

“The nursing and care giving staff are stupendous, always providing care with confidence, concern, and true kindness. Knowing that ones loved ones are in such a secure and caring community, with skilled and devoted staff, throughout, is a lot to be thankful for, and I surely am grateful.

-Heidi V., Daughter of Resident

“My family and I cannot thank The Kensington staff enough for the care and kindness shown to our Uncle. We knew he was being cared for and helped at a point in time in his life when he needed it most. We could not have done that on our own.

Thank you again to The Kensington. Your model works and I hope you can continue to provide the care and living environment to the many seniors who live with you.”

-Nancy O., Niece of Resident

“Words cannot not properly describe how appreciative we are to you for giving our mother a wonderful quality of life with superb care, with a level of dignity and always great humor for the past 2 and 1/2 years at The Kensington. She felt loved and cared for and safe, creating a calmer peace of mind that I know was reassuring to her and certainly to [us.] Thank you for always looking out for her best interest. Your staff and the staff throughout The Kensington is truly exceptional, they are happy working there and it shows. They treat the patients with such care and make them feel so special.

We feel so lucky that we found your wonderful organization with such wonderful caring people.”

-Donna, Daughter of Resident

“I have witnessed care and compassion in my life though never the magnitude that was given to Carolyn during her stay at The Kensington.

From the moment she arrived till the day she passed away, the care was absolutely superb. From the Executive Director Celina, to Greg, to the nurses, aides, kitchen staff, hospitality and the multidisciplinary team members, all were the best. In her life, Carolyn had made many friends, some of which were in the Kensington. She will surely be missed by her family and friends. I am proud to have known her for 11 years and will always love her. It is with gratitude that I thank you for your professionalism, comfort, care and compassion to my friend”

-Bobby G., Friend of Resident

“Your community was the best place we could have chosen for [our father’s] care. The attention that the staff provided was the finest quality that he could have gotten and the staff was very effective in helping him at all times. [He] was dressed well and cared for and given quality delicious food as well as enjoying the wonderful entertainment provided at the Kensington and the trips outside the community.

The nurses and doctors were very conscientious regarding his needs and the hospitality shown to us, our children, grandchildren and friends who visited him made for a very memorable and enjoyable experience. We would also like to mention that everyone from the concierge staff, the laundry room staff, to the handy men and the chefs all provided paramount service.”

-Claire R., Daughter of Resident

“By the time my mother entered The Kensington she had just turned 95 and needed the highest level of care in addition to having dementia. The caring staff, led by Joanne, exhibited such kindness and patience while making my mother feel at home in her new surroundings. Tsahi, with her calm approach and lovely smile, took great care of my mother’s many daily needs. We’d especially like to thank Nurse Herma for the truly compassionate way she cared for our mother and supported us. The Kensington’s medical team coordinated our mother’s medication and course of treatment. We would also like to acknowledge Mary Ann, Director of Nursing and Marie, Assistant Director of Memory Care, for their great work. Mary Ann and Marie paid attention to details, took time to listen and helped our family with patience and understanding, and promptly responded to e-mails.

The Kensington provides a beautifully decorated and homey environment but the real beauty comes from what the staff provides; a caring, respectful, and safe haven for our most precious loved ones.”

– Family of Florence B.

“Thank you so much for the excellent care that my mother received at The Kensington. You have done an amazing job running a beautiful community as well as hiring and retaining well trained caregivers. It was truly a wonderful experience to have such compassionate, skilled staff looking after her. The staff on Connections was always so pleasant, patient and considerate.

I don’t know what I would have done without The Kensington. When I had to make a decision about where mom would live, Jean was extremely helpful navigating my options. When I was feeling stressed as a caregiver, I went to the supportive and informational group meetings set up by Joanne for the Memory Care floors. When mom needed medical care, I knew she was in good hands with Mary Ann and Marie taking care of her and facilitating her doctor’s appointments. When I would visit mom with my young children, Donna and John would hand out crayons or include us in the current activity – horse racing was my daughter’s favorite. When she passed away, I knew that her caregivers, Jean and Barbara, treated her with dignity and respect in her final moments as they had along with mom’s other wonderful caregivers throughout her entire 18 months at The Kensington. When I was grieving, mom’s Kensington family consoled me.

Moving mom to The Kensington was the best thing I could have done for her. Thank you to everyone who made her life there happy.”

-Annalisa P., Daughter of Resident

“I moved my father to The Kensington almost nine months ago, after he spent six months in an assisted living community in Manhattan. The staff at the community in Manhattan was eager for him to transfer as he is in the later stages of dementia and is not an easy case. I always felt on pins and needles there, and it was uncomfortable knowing that they preferred for me to find another place for him. I am extremely happy with the care my father has been receiving at The Kensington. The staff goes above and beyond to accommodate him, and they are very loving, tolerant and patient. They are also very good about reaching out to me either by phone or e-mail to update me on important happenings regarding my father. The community is kept very clean, and I appreciate that there is so much more space for the residents than any community in the city.”

-Beth S., Daughter of Resident