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LGBTQ+ Caregiver Journeys, In Partnership with AlzAuthors
Wednesday, May 22nd 6pm-7pm EDT. Click HERE to Register!
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Personalized Care in Assisted Living: Tailoring Services to Individual Needs

Imagine your loved one, perhaps a parent, finding joy in each day, surrounded by friends and supportive, compassionate care partners, living in an environment that feels just like home. 

This is the experience we strive to create every day at The Kensington White Plains, where personalized care is not just a service but a commitment to each resident’s happiness and well-being.

We want to provide a closer look at how we personalize our healthcare services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each resident. We hope to offer insight into daily life in our community as you explore assisted living options for your loved one. 

Our promise is to love and care for your family as we do our own.

How does The Kensington White Plains address individual care requirements?

It’s not uncommon for seniors to manage chronic illnesses. In fact, 80% of seniors have at least one such condition, and 50% have two or more. However, at The Kensington White Plains, we’re equipped to care for all of our residents no matter how their care needs progress.

In our community, every resident receives personalized care specifically for their needs, informed by detailed initial assessments and ongoing dialogues with our residents and their families.

At The Kensington White Plains community, every bed here is licensed for enhanced assisted living support, ensuring that each resident, irrespective of their medical condition, has a place with us.

Diverse resident needs addressed:

  • Age: Tailoring care and activities to suit the varied age range of our residents.
  • Health: Addressing diverse health conditions with specialized medical support and interventions.
  • Culture: Honoring and integrating residents’ cultural preferences in daily activities and meal options.
  • Lifestyle: Adapting services to align with residents’ lifestyle preferences and habits, ensuring their comfort and happiness.

A day-in-the-life scenario of our personalized care plans 

At The Kensington White Plains, personalized care begins the moment a new resident decides to join our community. 

For instance, let’s consider Mr. Jacobs, a fictitious resident who embodies the characteristics of various individuals who have joined us, each with their unique medical requirements and personal preferences. 

Day one: comprehensive evaluation

Prior to arrival, a comprehensive assessment is carried out to understand Mr. Jacobs’ medical conditions, lifestyle preferences, dietary restrictions, and any special needs he may have, such as requiring a Hoyer lift for transfers or needing specialized diets. 

His family caregivers are integrally involved in this process, providing insights and expressing their expectations and concerns.

Developing the initial care plan

Based on the evaluation, a unique care plan is developed. This plan incorporates required clinical support, including wound care, catheters, and any necessary equipment or therapies. 

This plan is meticulously curated to ensure Mr. Jacobs feels at home and his medical conditions are managed effectively plus his spiritual and cultural needs are addressed. 

Upon arrival, Mr. Jacobs and his family are met by several team members to welcome him including the neighborhood Director, move-in coordinator, Executive Director, and additional care team members.

Daily life & continuous adjustment

As Mr. Jacobs settles in, the life enrichment managers ensure his days are filled with activities he loves, which align with his medical needs and personal interests. 

Regular interactions and observations by the care partners help in continuously refining his care plan, adjusting medical support, and accommodating any new hobbies or interests he develops.

Family involvement & communication

Throughout his journey, Mr. Jacobs’ family is kept in the loop. 

Regular communication ensures that any adjustments or changes in the care plan are discussed and approved by the family, maintaining a transparent and collaborative relationship.

Adapting to changing needs

A year into residing with us, suppose Mr. Jacobs develops new healthcare needs or his existing conditions change. 

His care plan is promptly and meticulously re-evaluated and adapted, ensuring he continues to receive optimal care while enjoying his preferred lifestyle at The Kensington.

Community and engagement at The Kensington White Plains

Every day at The Kensington White Plains is filled with activities in the morning, afternoon, and evening, seven days a week, emphasizing the pivotal role of community interaction and individual preferences. 

The daily ventures are not just about community bonding but are pivotal for maintaining physical and mental well-being. 

They include rehabilitative therapies, wellness seminars, and fitness classes designed to enhance strength and boost morale, accommodating and respecting every resident’s unique social preferences.

All of these services and amenities are incorporated into our residents’ individualized care plans. 

Open communication with residents and their families

In our example of a day in the life of Mr. Jacobs, here’s a rundown of how communication and teamempowerment help to open dialogue with residents and their families:

  1. Morning Update on Mr. Jacobs’ Health: Mr. Jacobs has been feeling a bit under the weather. His care partner promptly observes his condition and determines a slight modification to his care plan is needed.
  2. Informing the family: The nurse or neighborhood manager contacts Mr. Jacobs’ family to discuss the observed changes and proposed adjustments.
  3. Consulting with the nurse: Post the family discussion, the neighborhood manager consults with the on-site nurse to finalize the modifications and inform the rest of the care team about the changes to Mr. Jacobs’ routine and medical plan.
  4. Implementing changes: The entire team seamlessly integrates the updated care routine for Mr. Jacobs, ensuring his comfort and well-being, while the life enrichment manager arranges activities compatible with his adjusted care plan.
  5. Continuous communication: the neighborhood manager maintains open lines of communication with Mr. Jacobs and his family, providing updates and receiving feedback to ensure optimum care and family satisfaction.
  6. Evening review: At the end of the day, the neighborhood manager reviews Mr. Jacobs’ response to the adjustments, noting any further modifications needed and informing the family about his progress and well-being.

Continued care for your loved ones at The Kensington White Plains

Choosing The Kensington White Plains means ensuring your loved ones receive outstanding, hyper-personalized care that evolves with their needs. 

Meet our team of dedicated care professionals who work tirelessly to adapt care plans.

Our enhanced assisted living services and specialized services such as Alzheimer’s care and rehabilitation Services help us remain devoted to the care of each individual resident, no matter their condition, and ensure that they always feel at home here. 

This is in line with Our Promise to love and care for your family as we do our own. 

Reach out for more information or to arrange a visit, and let us make a positive difference in your loved ones’ lives.

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